Our Approach

Here at Helmsman Collective our philosophy is quite straightforward. Although we’re quite selective about how, what, when, why and where our interests lie, we’re very approachable and willing to listen. We offer potential partners…

  • Integrity
    We believe that trust is something earned rather than deserved and our reputation depends on this.
  • Understanding
    We realise that in the early stages of an opportunity not every “i” is dotted or “t” is crossed. Passion, enthusiasm, drive and vigour are also essential elements that will contribute to success.
  • Encouragement
    We positively evaluate each opportunity, recognising strength and potency…we want all parties to succeed.
  • Responsiveness
    We are all “idea rich but time poor” so whislt we are careful in our analysis, we make decision promptly
  • Simplicity
    Initially, all we need from potential partners is a two page Executive Summary of the project or concept, a few numbers that will give us an overview of the potential and an idea of the funds required.

We take a hands on approach to our interests, seeking to make a genuine contribution to success, seeking to create outstanding value over a long term horizon.